Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wednesday Weirdness

Saying Grace

So I've been thinking,  I think it's great the different devices the photo bloggers have to spark ideas for blog posts ... Macro Mondays, Ruby Tuesdays, Wordless Wednesdays, Scenic Sundays ... we can all use a little nudge of inspiration now and again.

I haven't gotten involved in any besides Carmi's because while I do post photos here, it is not my intention for this to become a photo blog.  This is my personal blog, my writing therapy blog, my virtual shrink.  And well ... Wordless Wednesday? ...  It's all well and good for those who don't post pictures as a rule but that would kind of defeat my purpose here.

Still, I really like the idea of have a theme of sorts, so I thought maybe I'd start one of my own.  As nobody has ever accused me of being normal, I will call it Wednesday Weirdness and regale you with some of the twisted and bizarre things that have happened to me in the course of my life.  Because, you see, I am THAT girl ... the one THOSE things happen to, things that just don't happen to real people in real life.  Uh huh, that's me.

I'll start with a short one so this post doesn't grow into a small book.

I didn't drive when I was in high school.  My father wouldn't allow me to get my drivers license until I was 18.  I had a cousin who was just a few years older than me that had gotten hers at 16, and she hit a tree and died.  It happened that I looked a lot like her and the whole idea of me driving just freaked him out.

We lived in suburbia, which meant to go anywhere I had to bum a ride.  Mom would take me back and forth to work, but for anything else I was on my own.  Fortunately most of my friends had cars so it worked out ... for awhile.

There came a period of time though, maybe a couple or three months, when nobody wanted me to get in their vehicle.  Why? Because it seems that every vehicle I got into was involved in an accident.  The first one I was out on a double date with a couple I worked with and we got clobbered coming out of the drive in.  No one got hurt, thankfully no one got hurt in ANY of the accidents.

Then another friend was driving a carload of us somewhere and he got hit in the rear quarter panel and that swung us around sideways into another car on the other rear quarter panel ... the trunk end of that car was maybe three feet wide when it was over.

Then another friend door got bashed in in the school parking lot

I was late for school one day because even the school bus got hit on the way to school.

It seems like there were others too, but to be honest I just don't remember.

Then came a day my boyfriend wanted to go out after work.  I'd worn my uniform into work so I told him he'd have to go to my house and pick up a change of clothes for me and then called my Mom so she'd have them ready for him.  He brought them up to me but was acting kind of strange so I asked him what was up.

He say's "I'm not sure I want you to get in my car".   By this time it was a standing joke  about how I was a car accident magnet.  I was all like "WTF?  You're the one that asked me out".   Well, on his way to my house to get my clothes he'd gotten hit too.  I wasn't even IN the car but somehow, it was my fault anyways ... go figure.

Of course we went out despite of my 'magnetism' and nothing more happened, but there for a while I felt like Typhoid Mary.  I was sure glad when that bit of weirdness was over.

Have any twisted stories of your own you'd like to share?  Leave a comment, or if you want to post it on your own blog link us up in the comment section and we'll come visit.  Weird Wednesday ... because odd things happen to all of us sometimes.


  1. I am inspirationally arid for my blog as well. This is a really good idea. I don't know if any weird things that happen to me really fall under this category.

    I'll try this one-

    I was pretty poor growing up. No, let's make that very poor. My siblings remember a more middle class life, but I was the youngest. I guess my parents ran out of money. Anyway, I learned a few ways to hustle. Hustling, is not a bad thing. Hustling need not involve dubious or illegal activity. Hustling is just making money you need to survive, without conventi0onal employment. "Donating" plasma was one of my hustles. I hadn't known it was one of my father's hustles as well. And now, after this excessive back-story, the weird thing that happened was that on my way out of the plasma bank, I ran into my dad on his way in. I imagined that we each said "What are you doing here?" But I think we probably just looked at each other briefly, without slowing our strides. I got back on the bus with a bandage on my arm, and he got strapped into a chair, possibly the chair I just left, and watched the intermittent blur of a centrifuge for a couple of hours.

    Not quite weird. But when it happened it seemed like a hell of a crazy coincidence.

  2. Who knows, maybe weird Wednesday will replace wordless Wednesday. Just off the top of my head I can't think of anything weird. But I'm blog hopping quickly due to losing my "online" status later today, and maybe into tomorrow.

  3. Hiya Sally – the story that comes to my mind, is when I was in Athens on a school trip (many years ago now). One evening, I came out of my room, along the corridor and pressed the button for the elevator. Immediately, the whole building started shaking. I mean, really shaking. Turned out it was an earthquake, which coincidentally coincided with me pressing that button. I don’t think I can start earthquakes, but you never know. Thanks for your story :)
    The enigmatic, masked blogger strikes again