Thursday, September 9, 2010


Okay now that the vacation pictures (the fun stuff) are over it’s time to get back to normal.  The thing is my normal life … sucks.  Well not entirely, it’s just certain aspects of it.  And those particular aspects are rather huge, the biggest of which would be income, or rather, the lack thereof.

My unemployment ran out a while back.  The manufacturing industry here, as well as the construction industry did a complete nosedive when the economy tanked.  I had a couple of backup plans, but they fell through.  I can’t even get gas stations and convenience stores to call me.  So here I sit, broke and not happy about it.

I’m actually one of the lucky ones.  I’m not homeless.  I have Sis and Mommo, and they make sure I have a roof over my head and food to eat.  My car was paid off before my income was gone, so I do have the means to get to a job should an opportunity present itself.  I play taxi and help take care of my friend that has cancer (and no vehicle) and she’s managed to keep the insurance up on my car.  I’m aware of how much worse my situation could be and I’m very grateful that it isn’t.

I do know that if I’m unhappy with my life it is up to me to change it.  I’m tired of depending on someone else for my livelihood.  I have talents, and it’s time I started using them in a way that pays off.  For some time I’ve felt that I should try to do something that allows me to write.  Whether that should be articles or books I’m not sure, and I haven’t got a clue where to begin to get into that field.  But while I’m figuring it out I’m checking into trying to make money somehow, someway with my computer.

I’m not the only one in this boat.  I’m thinking maybe another blog.  One about making money online … one with advertising, optimizing, and search engine ratings.  I could try different systems out, blog about them, rate them.   Surely there must be an interest out there for that kind of thing.  I’m sure it’s already being done … but not by me.  I have a unique perspective, if I did it right I think I could draw a following.  I might not get rich, but some dollars are better than no dollars.  I’ll bet it’s worth a shot.

I’ve been letting everything that’s gone wrong suck the life from me, drain my motivation.  I need to do something productive.  I’m open to suggestions if any of y’all have any ideas.



  1. ok, let's see if this POST COMMENT THING works today! :]

    sometimes we get stuck in a rut...i do...i know i need to change things, but it's tough to get going.
    what works for to make a list...yeah, i write so many things down...all the's ridiculous. BUT if you write down the things you want to be doing...what you LIKE to do...WANT to matter how outrageous...and then start to think about how to make them...or ONE of them...happen. SEE yourself doing that...
    you know what else i FORCE myself to do to get ride my bike...(bicycle)...listen to my ipod...ride...sweat...PUSH myself...after the adrenaline starts pumping...i feel better. helps me out of the rut.
    i don't know about the earning from online stuff...but do the research...MAKE things change for you!! ((just my silly thoughts...) :]

  2. Your thoughts are NOT silly! Thanks for the input and for being persistent Laura.

  3. I know all too well about how the economy sucks around here. My husband owns a netal fab company in North Charleston and it takes some creative financial juggling to keep their head above water. Lots of times many weeks will go by with no paychecks for him and that sucks ass.

    Keep hanging on baby. When we finally get Boeing fully in here, we will prosper some.

  4. That's what my job was ... fabrication. I'm sure there are differences, but I've done all kinds of things. Used to be a die cast operator back in KY. I was laid off from Briteline over two years ago now. When things pick back up if he needs any help give me a holler.

  5. Bummer on the job situation. We still hold our breath occasionally where I work due to store closings that the company I work for is still doing. I hope you find a job soon!