Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reflections My Glass

                                                     ... and other trick ponies

Father Time
trapped in a glass cage
reflecting an image
that is but a shadow of my self
a moment forever frozen
caught in a time that is not ...
in the space between now and then
Sunbeams fracture
into shards of color
the mystical crystal hues
form a dancing rainbow
the essence of a moment
holding its breath
waiting for it's magic to be noticed
The color of music on the wind
A mirror
shows the road that lies behind
mere memories
a reflection of the past
distorted by time and distance
As clear as glass they say
yet it seems
transparency is in the eye of the beholder
the solid illusion of
apparent opacity
reveals an altered perception
a dream
one might even say

a psychedelic experience
Psychdelic Forest Faerie
Although I did do the cropping and post processing, this last photo was taken by a friend with my camera.

This weeks theme is "Made of Glass"
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