Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cardinal T and Special K


Thematic Photographic 115 

This weeks theme is Letters and Numbers.  I laughed when I saw it because I have a folder in My Pictures folder called Alphabet Soup that is just for pictures of things that look like letters (yes, I'm weird like that).  This is the most recent of those shots.  I was going to share some others too, but the image loader is not working for me the last two or three days and I don't have them hosted else where at the moment. 

I may come back and add more later if I can get the image upload tool to work ... or not. It is what it is, whatever.  At any rate this shot is a twofer.  A red letter T and the wings  make a K laying up on its side.  If you'd like to see more interpretations of Letters and Numbers you can check them out at Written Ink


  1. The T I got right away (yeah, I'm brilliant like that) but the K was a bit elusive to me until you mentioned looking at it on its side.

  2. great idea...never thought of for the image loaded , it has been a real pain lately

  3. I love it! Talk about thinking outside the box. Awesome picture in it's own right too. Is that a car antennae it's sitting on top of?

  4. Yes, I do see those two letters... I've taken a lot of photos of dragonflies and have yet to get one in that position...lucky u!.

  5. Thanks for stopping by y'all.

    Yes Max, that is a car antennae.

  6. beautiful macro.

    this is how i did the smoke shot.
    in addition to a camera, i also used:
    -off camera flash
    -incense stick
    -black background
    -2 pcs of black card

    my camera settings:

    -exposure mode-manual
    -shutter speed-1/200
    -focal length- 48mm

    you can see my hardware setup here and the speedlight setup here

    note: i think the key here is the 2 pcs of black cardboard that must be
    attached to both sides of the speedlight to prevent light from falling on the background, btw the image must be taken in a dark room or at night with no or with minimal light.

    >PP: it you just want to change the colour of the smoke, just adjust the hue level.

    for the rainbow coloured smoke, on another layer I used the gradient tool with rainbow colour, soft light blending mode, flatten, and inverting the tone image to get the white background.

  7. I love the spin you took on this weeks assignment!

    What a fun idea to pick out letters in pictures like that. Love it...and the picture is beautiful too!

  8. Love it! How did you get him to pose for you?? ;)