Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hi there internet

I thought that since I intend this is to be the place I bare my soul, perhaps introductions were in order.  I’m no angel, but I play rescue ranger for many people in real life. I’m not complaining. I enjoy my role and do it by choice, but sometimes it does get to be a tad overwhelming. I seem to be a magnet for the strange and unusual; IOW bazaar shit happens to and around me.

I’m looking for feedback and welcome your comments (yes, here’s your chance to play virtual shrink!) and am hoping that at least some of you are twisted enough to find the inner workings of my mind entertaining. I’ll not be sharing a link to this blog with those who share my real life. Neither will I be using any real names in this virtual world to protect the privacy of the innocent and sanity of the blogger.  So ... just who is this person that’s invited you to dance inside her head?

I am a study in contradictions. I'm very spiritual; yet do not have a religious bone in my body. In many ways I’m an old fashioned girl, but have a sometimes shocking wild streak. I’m fun-loving and quick to laugh at life's little absurdities while at the same time I’m compassionate, empathetic and occasionally take life far too seriously.

My interests are many and varied. I’m a photographer, astrologer, a poet and a tree hugger. I love animals, nature, the internet, music and the arts, books, the moon and the stars. I like to make things. I’m into natural healing. I enjoy gardening, karaoke, and research.

I have no use for liars and/or cheats. Stupid pisses me off. I don’t think meanness is funny and find intolerance inexcusable. I stand up and speak up for those things I believe in ... and I don’t much care who likes it or who doesn't. I HATE politics, but find myself engaging in political discussions much more often than I’d like due to the gravity of the various situations we’re presently mired in. Each one in and of itself is enormous and I see no easy answers, but the oil spill in the Gulf just breaks my heart.

I’m a particularly good and loyal friend.  I especially suck at relationship choices. Divorced twice, then widowed the last time, but not before he turned junkie and left me.  For a while there though, it was magical. I’m single these days more or less by choice. I don’t much like dating and am rarely tempted. I still believe in love, but I’m certainly not looking for it. If, indeed, there is someone out there for me, he’s going to have to come find me … and I may be rather difficult to convince. I’ve seen way more than my share of drama and tend to seek a more laid back existence than I did when I was younger, although I will admit a Harley still captures my attention.

Much of the time I'm quiet ... until I'm not. I’m emotionally intense and don't know how to feel anything 'a little bit'. I can get very passionate about both causes and people. I am not always nice. I am quite aware that I am not always right, but you can bet I think I am if I've offered my opinion. Please don't ask me for it, unless you really want to know because I'm no good at all at sugar coating it for you. We won't always agree, but that's okay ... if we only listen to those ideas that we already agree with, how will we ever learn anything?