Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Not as Old as I Look

So okay, it's a silly title but what do you expect and 5:30 in the AM when I've gotten all caught up in reading your blogs all night.  I promised you a Sepia post and you shall have it.

Thematic Photographic 125 Sepia see more at Carmi's site 

So why do I not feel the same way about Sepia, as I do about Black and White Photography?  I really don't know the answer to that question.  Maybe it's because the brown tones are warmer than the gray ones ... or maybe it's because the photography world doesn't try to cram it down my throat.  I'm contrary that way.  Sepia doesn't look 'dead' to me ... it just looks old.  For antiques (and ghost towns, you really should pop over and check out some of the other links, great photos this week!) sepia just fits in a way nothing else does.  It's also a great treatment for old timey dress up shots (like those you see at the mall and at festivals).  

In the case of the above shot, in addition to the subject matter, it greatly helped with the lighting problems this shot had.  I did do this from other angles where the lighting wasn't so harsh and those I left in full color.  I liked this shot both ways.

This shot is not very old at all 'though it looks like it might be.  Admittedly the subject may be ... but it was taken just a few years ago in a museum at the Lighthouse some of you will remember I posted called "Bright Eye".  I love this shot in color, but it makes me feel like I've stepped back in time in Sepia.

This picture of a soft shelled  turtle (the first I'd ever seen) was taken at the Edisto River not far from here.  Yes that turtle is underwater, that is sand on it's back ... they're shy and camouflage themselves pretty well.  With that sandy river bottom it didn't have much color anyway so I opted for the sepia treatment, it wasn't much of a stretch. 

And that's it for this time folks, a girl has to sleep sometime.  'Night y'all.




  1. Oooh, I love all of these. Especially that turtle.

    Sepia certainly does have a quality all of its own, doesn’t it? You’re right, a very olde worlde feel. Makes me think even that turtle is from the 1920s or 30s.
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  2. I love that you live in my area!!

    I know exactly where Edisto is and I just love that picture!!

    Do you have an underwater camera?

  3. Sepia really is a lot warmer than black and white and to my mind more `realistic` (if that`s the word) than black and white.
    Great group of shots!
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  4. That turtle is super cool!
    I have never heard of a soft shell turtle before. Crazy!

  5. Mustang Sally, these look awesome. The turtle picture is my favorite in this post, and it does have a different time/world kind of feel to it. Great job on them!


  6. Mustang Sally-

    what no sepia spiders???

    if Kara had not said the turtle pic was her fav, i might have, but i don't wanna be a copy cat, so i am gonna roll with the Victor phono thingy...

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear

  7. Hi Sally,
    I do hope y'all managed to get a nice and peaceful sleep.
    I'm very fascinated by the various photographic techniques that you use. I think the sepia effect adds an ambience that is most conducive to thes photos. You've given me some ideas. So thanks for that.
    Take good care.
    Kind wishes, Gary :-)

  8. I'd love to see the turtle pic in color... I've never seen a soft-shell turtle. Crab, yes, turtle no. Just the little snappers we always had in the ponds there.

  9. Really nice series of shots. I especially like the museum one - very interesting

  10. This is a nice group of shots, each appeals to me in it's own way. The old record player in particular, that's just a great angle on it.

  11. These are gorgeous--I really like the sepia shots, especially that turtle.