Sunday, November 28, 2010

Come and get your Bloglove on!

I've had a hectic week.  Out of town company, holiday dinner - twice, trying (and failing) to catch up from my down time LAST week all having me playing catch-up STILL.  Then, when I finally thought I'd get this posted last night, I spilled iced tea on my desk and it got all up in my mouse and it wouldn't work right (seems to be all dried out and operating today) But I'll just keep plugging away at it until I get it, so don't give up on me.

Ckrets is likely thinking I'm totally unappreciative, as it's been a week or two since she notified me but nothing could be further from the truth.  I all bouncy and excited over the fact that she gave me this ...

I just love awards, they give warm fuzzy feelings and make me feel all ooey gooey inside.  So THANK YOU CkretsGalore.  You can (and SHOULD) check her out at Kick Her Right In The Habit  She'll make you laugh (unless you're a stick in the mud, in which case you're probably not reading my blog) with her irreverent attitude, a bit cheeky, and maybe even a little twisted.  If you're reading this you'll like her ... trust me.

And now it's my turn to pass on some blog love.  Yay, I love to play Santa ;)  This one goes out to those that bring smile and laughter into my world.

Bruce at Just Another Day in Paradise and his dog Tucker, who daily never fail to bring a smile to my face.   Bruce grew up in the same world I did, although I'm not sure he's from this planet any more than I am ;)  He also has red hair (and the temper that comes with that) and now I find out he's a crazy magnet too.  Ya know Bruce?  They say like attracts like ... it might just be us, just sayin'.  Check out his blog ... it's all OVER the place and you'll like it (Tucker too).

And then there's Kara at Visions unto Myself  This chick could write stand up.  She's funny as hell and not too many people have discovered her yet ... but they will.  She's another who posts daily, unlike me who barely manages to squeak out two or three a week.  Follow her now and when she's rich and famous you'll be able to say "I knew her when ... "  and maybe she'll send us cookies, it could happen you know.

And check out this guy named Que at Dad By Trade He's working two jobs now so not posting as often but when he does ... well just let me say he had me in TEARS I was laughing so hard at his story about racing a bird down the road one day.

A Cappelli at This House gets Crazy at Three O'clock does fantastic illustrations to go along with her humorous tales.  She is another very talented undiscovered that I'm thankful that I happened upon (I think it was during Fickle Cattle's contest *shrug* but I could be wrong) I'm not generally the Mommy blog sort ... but her's is not the typical Mommy blog.  Her posts make me giggle ... like when she tells about how her daughter keeps the Tooth Fairy on a short leash.  Definitely worth reading.

And finally Pickles at Another Day of Crazy ;)  okay No, that's not her name ... but check out her profile picture.  She deserves this award for that alone, because it makes me laugh every time I see it.  She might rant a bit but retains her sense of humor,  and she just bought the COOLEST middle age crisis toy EVER!  Mmph Mmm ... nope, not going to tell you.  You'll have to go check it out for yourself ( and you guys will be sorry if you don't ... just sayin' )

There are others I would have passed this along to also, but they've already been awarded it (yup, I checked)  and five is a nice odd number so that's it until the next one.

I'll be back soon with my Sepia contributions for Thematic Photographic.  Also, I know now that it was the right thing to do to keep this blog anonymous ... yep, I'm feeling the need to vent my spleen.  So soon, my pretties, I will be back on a regular basis soon.


  1. Congratulations, Sally. Very well deserved!

    I’ve now added myself to CkretsGalore’s follow list. The lady clearly has impeccable taste.

    Glad you didn’t drown your mouse too badly :)
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  2. Oh I know you appreciated it! I also know how life can get hectic too....coming from one who works 10 days away from home at a time.

    PS. Thanks for the awesome kudos! The descriptive terms "Cheeky," and "Twisted," makes me grin from ear to ear!

    And thanks for following B.F.K.A!

  3. Thank you! And you definitely deserved to get this! I wish I had twenty awards to give you right now for all the nice things you said about me. Instead I am just going to have to settle for saying nice things about you on my blog.

  4. You are awesome! Thank you Thank you Thank you so so so much for your kind words!I cannot properly express how much it means to me that you mentioned me here. You are a fantastic writer and photographer; I wish that I had even an ounce of your talent.

  5. MS- you are a gift to the blogger world...
    ya know you, kara, and KBF are the reason i did not quit blogging after the googlebrother debacle....

    thank you for this award...

    i wish there truly was a sincerity font!!!

    oh and the TuckMonster says thanks as well...he really love you too...

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear

  6. CONGRATS!!!!! you sure deserve it!!!! :]

  7. Lol! Thanks so much! Pickles it is. :) And thanks too, because now I have to get off my bloggy bum and post something amusing. I needed that kick in the bum!!!