Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Weird Wednesday: The Mustang Sally way

 You know, when I started doing Weird Wednesdays I was absolutely SURE that Wednesdays only rolled around once every week.  So why does it feel like it gets here every 3 or 4 days now?  I don't know but maybe it has something to do with my taking 3 day weekends and just subtracting them from the rest of the week like they don't exist ... ya think?

While I've been playing catch up here, I've gotten really lax about responding to comments.  I apologize for that.  I just haven't MADE the time and I need to.  Life does get busy, but comments are one of the very best parts of blogging.  It means a lot to me that you all take the time to read my stuff and look at my pictures, and the comments are what lets me know that you do.  I want to take a minute here and thank you all for being such a great audience, and letting me know that SOMEBODY hears me.  In real life I sometimes feel like my voice is ... invisible.  (Yes, I know.  I sometimes mix metaphors too, and sometimes I make up my own words to boot.)

This week I reached a milestone in the great blogging experiment.  My posse (that's right, I'm not the Pied Piper and YOU are not rats - I don't have followers, I have a posse) reached the magic number of 50 and I think that calls for a celebration.  Yep, that's right BLOG PARTY woo hoo!!!  Open bar ... virtual drinks are on the house.  What's your pleasure?  

Bouncin' Barb at This and That was lucky number 50.  Being unemployed and penniless and also unsponsored by the corporate world I don't have much in the prize department to give away.  However, I will be making some handmade Christmas ornaments here real soon so Barb, if you will email me your snail mail address I will be happy to send one to you.

For the rest of you I have virtual hugs, and if there's anything you wonder about, or anything particular thing you'd like to see 'pictured' (ah ah, now get your mind out of the gutter - there will be no porn here) I promise I will answer each and every comment, and if there are photo requests there will be a post for them. 

I see the soft shell turtle in my Sepia post was as new to some of you as it was to me.   I would have included the color version that "Pickles" said she'd like to see but due to the sandy bottom and the water it was almost sepia to begin with.  Amber asked if I had an underwater camera.  No, I don't.  The water wasn't very deep in this shot, maybe 2 or 3 feet.  I took the picture from the riverbank.  And no Bruce, no sepia spider ;) but I have a special spider shot I'm saving just for you.

As for weirdness, let's see ... yesterday morning I played do it yourself dentistry.  I have been cursed with the teeth of a crackhead although that's never been my vice.  What few teeth I have left snap, crackle and break off at the gum line.  One of them decided it was time to abscess.  I have no money for a dentist to begin with.  Certainly not for him to write a perscription for anti-biotics I have anyways and lance the gum.  So I did it myself (Hey, when something hurts that bad you can't even feel the hot needle .. really)  So you see, sometimes I can provide my own weirdness.

That's it for now, party down my posse, and next week I'll return you to your regularly scheduled programming.


  1. Ohmyfreakinggod. Woman. Do-it-yerself-dentistry? You've got serious guts. I think I cringed eleven times just contemplating the lancing of the gum bit.

    Just for the record- never feel obligated to reply to my commentating. The fact that you visit my blahg, share your thoughts when the mood strikes you and (most of all) that just the fact that you're HERE and writing... is good enough for me.

  2. No, it's not guts Ti really. I am the world's BIGGEST baby when it comes to pain. An abscess THROBS unmercifully. I didn't even feel the needle, but the release of the pressure was immediate relief ... all better now.

    And I don't feel obligated, I just LIKE conversation is all.

  3. Ouch! "Do It Yourself Mouth Surgery" --nice! lol I hope you feel better! I've had a "professional" do that to me before and it hurts beyond words! You rock for withstanding the pain! Thanks for the virtual hugs! Right back at ya kid! :)

  4. It hurt beyond words before I started ... or I wouldn't have. Really I'm not exaggerating in the LEAST when I say I didn't feel the needle at all ... just the release of the pressure.

    See that's why y'all are so cool. I do something certifiable and you think I'm a hero ;) I have the best posse ever!

  5. Exactly Sarah! Thank you very much.

  6. Oh I have so been there with the abcess thing.. once had the whole side of my face swollen.. I would have done the same thing they hurt so bad.. and hey, I love your blog and pics.. and thank you so much for popping over to my little neck of the wooods!!

    Feel better Miss Sally!!!!!

  7. Oh I do Lynn, much better thanks. Your very welcome, I enjoy your blog. I do generally get around to all the blogs on my ever growing list. I don't always comment because sometime I really just don't have much to say, but I read faithfully.

    I have to tell you that week I went AWOL has made it really hard to catch up! I am getting there though, slowly but surely.

  8. Have you ever considered going into dentistry? Sounds like you’re a natural. Not sure we want to see any sepia (or otherwise) pictures of that though ;)
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  9. Ewww! On both counts, dentistry and pictures. I'd rather be an open, honest thief, that a legal robber baron myself. Not that I'm singling dentists out mind you, you can include the whole modern medical complex in that statement, including and most especially insurance.

  10. Holy COW! The DiY dentistry sound terrifying! Is there maybe a dental school near you? I think they charge on a sliding scale, so if you're broke, it's free.

    Congrats on your 50 followers!

  11. It sounds worse than it was Hart, really not much different than removing a splinter only I had to use the mirror to see. I've not heard of a dental school near here, but I suppose it's possible. I thought those type things usually have reduced rates but not free, but it's worth checking into.

    What I need though, is oral surgery - to remove the roots of the broken teeth and that is megabucks.


    and sorry about your tooth...that really sucks..


    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear

  13. I'm saving that baby just for you Bruce. I'll have to preface it with an arachnephobe warning so those that Shelob scares the bejeebers out of have the choice not to look. I might even have a whole post for my totem Grandmother Spider. Let's get through theme Thursday first. I don't think I have many night shots to choose from ... but I always think that LOL.

  14. Congrats on reaching the big "fitty".

    PS: Comments are one of my favorites too. That is why I always try to leave them.

  15. MS...That is so sweet of you to mention. Thank you. I am unemployed and now disabled but with no income thus far. I felt bad that I could not send an ornament to Rabbit for the needy kids so I would like to ask you to send it to him for these kids. Would that OK with you?

  16. Thanks Amber. I want you to know that I get all jazzed over the fact your here in area too. I don't have to exactly "where" your at, it just feels like I not so alone in a alien world knowing you're here somewhere.

    Your blog is another that never fails to make me laugh,, but as you've already gotten this one I passed it on to others who hadn't yet.

  17. Bouncin' Barb - Great idea, by all means that sounds fine with me. I haven't seen that post yet but I will contact Rabbit and see what kind of time constraints we're working with. Maybe we can hook him up.

  18. MS...Thank you again. I sent him an email and he loved the idea. Said he's contact you with his address and such. I can't tell you how bad I felt that I couldn't do this for these kids. And when I read your blog about making me the ornament what could be more perfect!!! Thanks and let me know if I need to do anything.

  19. DIY dentistry! You are brave I hope it is okay now cause I like your blogs I hope you are unemplyed for long cause it is the pits
    take care and a good week
    cheers & respect darl

  20. Proud to be one of the fifty :0)

    I would probably burst an abcess too, thats all the dentist does and they don't go numb when they are that infected, think dentists just give the injection to make patients feel better.

    Need to catch up on few posts now!