Monday, November 22, 2010

Midnight Double Feature: Candid

 Thematic Photographic 124 for more Candid photos press the (very cool!) button


People are not my favorite subjects but when I do take their photos it is almost always candid shots that I choose.  I'm not a big fan of posed pictures, I like a natural look.  With my blog being anonymous, however, I thought it would be hard to come up with more than a couple shots of strangers ... HA!  Should have known better I suppose :)

Kids are always fun to photograph, and fairs and festivals provide ample "oh how cute" moments.  I tend to grab those without even thinking about it.

 The first two were taken at the Maritime Festival in Charleston, although they call it something different now.  I've actually missed it the last couple of years partly because of the name change.  I love sailboats of all kinds, and the big ships are just awesome.  This shot is from the Azalea Festival here in Summerville.

I would have told you I didn't have many shots of adults (except family of course) but turns out I would have been lying.  Seems I have a penchant for snapping shots of people while their working.  This was one of the pirate dudes at the Maritime Festival caught on a coffee break.

A broom maker at the Azalea Festival.  Very cool booth, they make natural brooms, right there at the festival.  Some have short, crooked handles ... very Harry Potterish. 

This artist, from the same festival (although this one was taken this year) didn't seem to be distracted by the crowd in the least.  Very focused.

This is not the best picture I ever took.  The light was bad, the background BUSY, but I really liked the whole 'street musician' concept.  Heavily edited to try to make up for it's faults, but I wasn't talented enough to be able to get rid of the sign in the background.  I think it may have been taken in Florida, but I really don't remember.  I included it for Bruce of JADIP who had a street gig for awhile, and now has a really cool blog you might want to check out.

Last, but not least in this series, is a shot taken at a Pow Wow held at the Fairgrounds here in Ladson.  It's titled "We the people" (I wonder how many will see what I saw in this shot). 

That's it for the first show, second feature coming right up


  1. I'm glad you shared your thoughts about shooting people, as I've also tended to stay away from humans with my lens. People are often either unpredictable, or predictable and boring. I derive no joy from picking up my camera, only to have those around me automatically pull themselves into a contrived pose. I like the quiet, surreptitious shooting, instead, where no one knows you're there.

    I think I need to follow you around more, as you seem to be really good at the shooting-in-secret thing. I'm glad my choice of candid for this week's theme has resulted in such strong interpretations!

  2. MS thanks for the blog love...

    before i even read the caption, i was drawn to the pic of the street performer...

    i really wonder how many candid shots i may have been in...

    glad you made it back from farmville or always have some great stuff for Theme photo thursday...

  3. Oh I adore candid photos of real folk! The broom maker is excellent. And the idea of pirates taking breaks is funny. Not to mention th painted ponies. They’ll be in fairgrounds forever I hope.
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  4. I have a habit of scanning the pictures before I go back and read what was said, and I just had to stop and gaze at the one of the painter and the lighthouse. Awesome. You can't even see her face and I still got a feeling of the concentration and focus that must have been going on.
    Then I read the descriptions and decided the two other ones I really liked were the pirate on break (uh, hold that sword, union says I get a 15 minute break every 4 hours) and the broom maker.
    Great set of photos!