Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Reality is ...

I suck.  I wish I had a really good excuse for my absence because the real one is just lame.  After years of avoiding it altogether, last week I finally capitulated to the electronic media hierarchy.  I succumbed to peer pressure.  I now have a Face book page (with my real name).  In so doing I've come in contact with people that I had completely lost contact with, some for as much as 30 years.  Still, reunions are not what has kept me away.  I'm ashamed to admit this, but in less than a week I've become addicted to Farmville (oh the shame!).  I'm not going to tell you I can quit anytime I want ... I know me better than that ... but I CAN continue to function!  So I'm about to get back on track here. 

Today I'm guest posting on Rabbit's blog The Journey.  If you've not yet discovered him, you really ought to poke about a bit while you're there.  He's funny, irreverent, and a bit raw ... like life is sometimes, and he keeps it very real.  Please come take a look.  My bit is titled The Reality is ... shit happens.


  1. farmville...i have avoided at all costs...the FB thing, well, the important re-connections i have found thru FB are good..

    you are spot on on rabbit's blog...

    good to have you back among the living....that farmville thing is a drug worse than coke...and it costs nothing...

  2. ROTFL!
    Don't feel bad, but step away from the farm! I was SO wasting time, and not writing...I would never have admitted that here, but I am not going to let you stand alone in farmville shame. It is so freaking strange, how important that damn stuff gets. I was waking up and turning on the computer to harvest some damn fake veggies! I have seldom jumped up to do anything other than make coffee in order to survive the day or to catch a plane to go on vacation. It sucks, not you....just pay attention to what you devote to it and don't forget to write! We would miss you!

  3. I read/commented on your Rabbity post..good stuf.. I like FB because it keeps me in touch with friends/family and so many writers. I have never played one game.. enjoy, but come back home too!!!

  4. Noooo!!! Not Farmville pleeeease! Get help now ;-)

  5. Oh no! Not 'Farcebook'. Then again, I get to read all those fascinating Farcebook profile updates, such as, 'I just love 'Glee Club'...I'm such a 'Gleek' lol'
    I used to be on FarmVille. That would be until a crazed bunch of Hillbillies, stole my sheep and ruined my prized cabbages. Then again, I was thinking about setting up my own application on Farcebook named 'FartVille', where you can win exciting prizes such a virtual tin of baked beans:-)
    I shall go check you out on Rabbit's blog, The Journey. Hope you had a peaceful weekend, Sally.
    Kind wishes and a tin of virtual baked beans, your way, Gary :-)

  6. Just wanted to officially say thank you so much for being a part of my blog. Your post is astounding and I am beyond proud to have it on there.

    Thanks again. You're one in a million.

    - Rabs

  7. LOL!!! ok i am completely addicted to cafeworld..

    it's ok don't feel bad.. Facebook is a gift.. embrace it

  8. Facebook is my entertainment! lol But I don't play Farmville or Mafia Wars, I play the word games! lol I'm addicted!

  9. I don’t wish to spoil your enjoyment, but you are missed here! Anyway, I’ll make this short as I know you’re itching to get back to the farm :)
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  10. Well I love fb too...but I've purposely avoided farmville...I hear that it really sucks people in and I have enough things that I obsess over!

  11. Ah, so you bought the proverbial farm? I've never felt compelled to do the FB thing. I'm probably not "social" enough for that. ;)

  12. Aw, look at all the love. You see, this is better than farmville any day. I really have missed all of you too. Actually, I think what I like so much about farmville is that it's all about peeps helping each other out, the way the real world SHOULD work.

    @bruce - I KNOW it is like a drug, very true

    @Jules - Thanks for having by back. Yes, it's incredible how important it becomes isn't it. It's fun but I can't allow it to eat up all my time anymore, I have real LIVE living to do.

    @Lynn I glad you dropped by. I hadn't intended to play the games but let somebody talk me into it once I was there. Your way is so much smarter.

    @Juni - LMAO Yeah, set up an intervention for me will ya?

    @Gary - I hate baked beans, virtual or otherwise, but I do appreciate the thought. Peace to you my friend.

    @Rabbit - You are very welcome sir! And thank YOU for making me feel all important and stuff.

    @SY - you don't understand, we're talking serious negligence of the real world and my blogger buddies. I need help, really.

    @Yvonne - Blogger was my entertainment before last week, and I really miss those I follow. Blog hopping can take a hit, I'm cool with that (I spent way too much time on that anyway) It's that damn Pluto rising ... I obsess about everything.

    @ Mask - YOU are more important than farmville, the farm can wait. THERE I said it! I just had my priorities screwed up for a minute.

  13. @MissMel - Exactly!!! Wise move that. It's too late for me but Save yourself (if you don't though, tell me and I'll neighbor you)lol

  14. Hi JPT!! I avoided it for a long time, like the plague. People have bugging me forever about it and I finally caved.

  15. *giggles* I think everyone has to fall into some game addiction when they first join FB. I was buying and selling my friends, once upon a time... oh, how we've evolved. I love FB for the reconnections, but 3 years in, I finally can resist ALL games.

  16. Ohh no Sally, back away from the farm. I realised I had a problem when I left a night out to get home to harvest a crop :0( I couldn't sleep because of it. I became obsessed with organising my trees and animals rearranging fences and fields.

    After months of therapy I finally escaped, I haven't opened it for months. Following the I sucessfully gave up Mafia Wars too. I have an occasional game of scrabble but that doesn't seem to have virtual crack effects.

  17. I think Facebook did the same for a lot of us. I had a similar experience when I first logged into Facebook. (Everything except Farmville. That thing is evil. lol.)