Friday, October 15, 2010

Things that make me go brrrr

Frozen Wishes

Thematic Photographic #119  see more interpretations of Turning Colder at Written Inc.

Fall has always been my favorite season.  Football, apples, hayrides, the fresh, crisp smell of the air as the humidity of summer had faded away, the aroma of burning leaves and toasted marshmallows, the fun of dressing up for Halloween, the glorious feast at Thanksgiving, fairs and craft sales ... there was nothing not to like.  School maybe, but I was a bit nerdy and actually kind of liked it ... except for the structure (I was never really good at rules).

I could never decide between summer and winter for second place among my favorites when I was young.  I loved both equally; summer for it's freedom and because I love anything to do with the water, and winter for the snow and ice skating ... and it had Christmas!  Spring was a bust because I grew up in Michigan and Spring meant soggy, dirty snow, then mud up to your butt 'til the end May ... and I considered that the beginning of Summer ;)

Nowadays I live in South Carolina and my bones are much older.  There was one winter when I lived in the mountains in SE Kentucky, I had LP gas for heat and the tank had no gauge to tell you how much was in it.  Invariably, when it snowed the tank would run out of gas and there was NO WAY, even if I had the money to fill the tank ... gulp! (and most of the time I didn't) a gas truck was getting up that 'hill' until the snow melted ... because there SURE wasn't any chance the road was getting plowed. 

There were a couple of times that winter that I got REAL cold before I found a way to get a kerosene heater.  These days, if I never get cold again it will too freaking soon.  I keep saying I'm going to keep moving south until I'm straddling the equator, and then I'll probably still bitch about being cold.  I get cold easy, even here where it almost never snows.  We did get some last year though, and somewhere I have a picture of a snow woman to prove it (yes I said female ... don't ask)

Although we don't get much snow, it does freeze and we get frost most of the winter.  Not this early in the season, so no, this shot isn't from this year.  I have had to break out the real shoes and socks though, sad to say.   I may be the only woman on the planet that HATES shoes.  But on the bright side I've gotten to get the blankets out too, and I love cozying up in a snuggy blanket, so things even out I guess. 


  1. That's a beautiful photo.

    We rarely get snow here in the south of England; and in fact I live in a micro-climate where there might be snow in the counties all around but not in ours! So when we DO get some it's very exciting and of course everything grinds to a halt because people can't cope with it *rolls eyes* ;-)


  2. Thanks ladies :)

    It's absolutely the pits having to drive in the snow in an area that isn't accustomed to it ... people are crazy.

  3. What a beautiful picture! and you have written so fantastically about it. Thanks heaps!

    Like Juniper, I live in a place where it doesn't snow - and I have to confess I like it that way... I would live in the tropics if I could :)

  4. stunning picture....i can't wait for the first snow :)

  5. Oh yeah, snuggling is lovely. Autumn is wonderful, certainly my favourite season. But, you don’t like shoes!?!?!?!

    Brilliant photo :)
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  6. No you are not the only woman to hate shoes....something my mother would never ever think of doing, ever and she never liked my barefooting when ever possible! I grew up in Michigan too, and you are spot on about their spring mud to summer jump just as school ended!..and fall, and all included is incredible! your photo!

  7. I love the texture in this shot! Your words bring the frosty morning right into my hands and I nodded along with you as I read.

  8. Great picture, I must do more with my camera than snap the dogs. I don't hate shoes exactly but the first thing I do when I get home is take them off, I quite often wander around my office without shoes which people find a bit strange. I think one of the things I like about yoga is the bare feet. I love autumn and spring can never decide which is best, probably spring. I tend to get a bit SAD in winter so it comes bottom:0(

  9. simply gorgeous! love that puffer ball...

  10. Thanks to you all for visit and your very kind words.

    Mask ... yep, can't stand the buggers

    Mrs Midnite ... Spring has moved up to second on my list, it's really lovely here. Winter now comes in dead last. Because I can't stand the cold I don't get out, and I NEED to feel some sunshine on my skin to be happy. Winter is very depressing these days.

  11. That is one highly professional shot!

  12. what an awesome picture!!!! very detailed!! love it!!

    i can FEEL the CHILL!! makes me shiver just looking at it...and it makes me miss the cold...the snow....the icicles...slush...

    FALL is my favorite time of year too...
    great post!! :]

  13. That is a striking picture. I enjoy fall myself, it's a nice change from the summer heat. But then the thought of winter creeps in.... and tempers my enthusiasm for fall.

  14. We should all have your positive out look on this most dreadful and dreary time of the year! (Forgive me, it get very cold where I live and there's usually several feet of snow.) And I too prefer bare feet, so I'm usually frozen for several months of the year because I won't break out the socks.
    You are like a breath of fresh crisp morning air!

  15. Wow, that's absolutely gorgeous, loving it.
    great post, in Ireland we don't get extreme weather
    although it is extremely rainy. I'd be a total wimp in a truly cold climate:)

  16. The detail in the picture is amazing.
    It makes me remember the first time I saw snow. It was a Christmas day in New Orleans ,of all places. It was barely enough snow to make it slick enough form my new bike to be especially fun to ride. I think it lasted about an hour before it was gone.

    Eventually I moved to New Jersey and swept snow off of airplane wings.

  17. Pleasant greetings,
    And what a truly beautiful photograph. Nothing like getting under a blanket and feeling all warm and cosy.
    I've lived in Canada but lived on the west coast where the winters are fairly mild. Now I'm residing in England, where summer is the warm part of winter:-)
    Have a very nice weekend.

  18. Beautiful picture! I LOVE the snow, just not the COLD weather that accompanies it.

  19. very lovely photo with stunning details!

  20. This picture should be hanging in a gallery.

    Someone once told me it actually feels colder when there's no snow on the ground. The snow serves as a sort of insulator.

    I rather believe it, as there's a period in a Canadian winter before the snow flies when it's beyond miserably cold, when nothing, even multiple layers of the best clothing in existence, is enough to ward off the chill. Then it snows, and even if the thermometer says the same number, you can go outside without feeling like you're about to freeze solid.

  21. lovely photograph - would make a great xmas card.

    I am not good in cold weather - at all. I suffer with Reynauds disease so have to be very careful. From October onwards, I start adding layers - by the time it gets to February it takes me 3 hours to get undressed!!

    Love the idea of moving south with each passing decade, the wobbly bits are heading that way so I may as well join them!