Friday, October 29, 2010

Sunshine Yellow

Thematic Photographic 121 see more interpretations of Yellow at Written Ink

Once again Carmi has made it difficult for me to choose between photos ;)  With a color theme there are just so many different ways you can go.  Unlimited subjects, limited only by color.  Most often I like to choose the less traveled path.

Halloween is the Pagan New Year.  And while I have a traditional spooky shot or two left to post for the holiday (and will before Sunday) I got to thinking about the meanings behind the customs.  It was a day to celebrate the harvest and prepare for the coming dark of winter.  In lieu of that I thought I would make use of this theme to honor the Sun that I so deeply miss during the winter months.

Nothing says sunshine to me like flowers.  Hope y'all enjoy them as much as I do.  I may revisit this theme later in the week for some yellows that aren't flowers.

Sometimes I like to play with my editing program.  The colors and the spread of these petals reminded me of the rays of the sun.  The little guys in the center seemed to be paying homage, so I titled it Worship.

The South Carolina summer sun is harsh, very bright and intense.  Someday I'll get a polarizer for my camera.  These are Golden Ragwort, a weed wildflower.  If you look closely you'll see the one on the left has a hitchhiker. 
  Sometimes it's just all about the texture.

This is Wild Strawberry blossom.  Unlike the wild strawberries I remember growing up as a kid in Michigan, these seem not to have any taste at all.   

I'll leave you with this shot, which like my first photo, is a Yellow Jessimine ... the State Flower of South Carolina.  While the first is a macro of the inside of the flower with the sun shining behind, here she is in all her glory basking in the sunbeams.



  1. Absolutely beautiful, the touched up and the real. Vivid colors, such stillness in the simple things of life....and you show all sorts of textures, captured so nicely!

  2. stunning picture, i think nature does it best

  3. Those are great photos! And the first one is very definitely yellow!

  4. And I thought I got some good closeups of flowers, wow! That first one got right into the flower, might as well have been a bee looking for pollen.

  5. Incredible photos. I really love the first - it's almost abstract!

  6. Yellow makes me smile and giggle....

    ...and think of pee.

    Was that bad?

  7. Oh all that yellow is nice to see on the beginning of a bleak Northern Alberta Winter.
    Yeah, HUGE lack of colour here.

    I'll just have to check out your blog when I need a colour pick me up!

  8. Hi Sally,
    This was a most wonderful visual treat. Fantastic colour and beautiful photos.
    Thank you. Here's wishing you a very nice weekend.
    With respect and kind wishes, Gary :-)

  9. I'm not a big fan of yellow (except Big Bird) but these photos are winning me over. Great pics!

  10. These are stunning photographs and what makes them especially nice, is that they are flowers I have never previously seen.
    I live in the UK and we are now well into the Autumn, so although the countryside around me is resplendent in reds and deep golds, it's nice to see a real blaze of sunshine yellow on your blog.
    smiles and blessings

  11. Hi Mustang Sally, got you from my good friend, `The Blogger Formerly known as....` Absolutely stunning photography! I will be back!
    Follow me @ Hedgeland Tales
    (You know you want to!)

  12. Thanks everybody for all the kind words.

    Hi John, nice to 'meet' you. You know, the Mask recommended your blog to me awhile back, but I got caught up and forgot to go visit. I'll remedy that right now. Thanks for stopping by and the follow.

  13. Add frames and a wall and this entry, on its own, is an art show.

    I've said it before about your work, so please forgive me if I sound repetitive. Brilliant. Period.

  14. That is a fantastic set of photos. You're grasp of the beauty that can be found with macro is impressive. Thank you.