Monday, October 4, 2010

Fallen Leaves

It's been an interesting weekend.  I went back out to play rock star of course, because ... well, that's just what I do.  I'm not really used to going out both Friday AND Saturday, but since I really don't do much else and my presence was being requested why not?  My hat got neither asked out or stood up this weekend, however it did get ME a to-be-determined lunch or dinner date sometime later this week at an ooo la la ... nice place, or at least that's the plan.  We'll have to wait and see if this one chickens out.  It IS October and I do have a standing record, especially at this time of year, for something I call the Medusa effect.

You see, I have this way of scaring fellas off.  I don't know what it is.  One day they're all up in my face, ooh baby, let's this, let's that, I wanna wear your hat, will you be here tomorrow, or next week, or whenever, or I'll call ya.  The next thing you know whoosh, bam, they're GONE and you never see or hear from them again.  Or if you do and like, have the unmitigated gall to say something really personal like "hi" or something, they get this deer in the headlights look and will disappear as quickly as I break eye contact, like suddenly my skin has turned green and I've grown snakes for hair.

 I've never figured out what happens between one day and the next.  Not that it matters much.  Any guy that spooks at the general small talk I make with strangers certainly doesn't have balls enough to handle the truly strange things that happen to me in day to day life.  And really, I'd sooner know that before I waste any time on them so it's all good.

After I got home Saturday night I jumped on the intertubes to see what my friends were up to and was delightfully surprised to find that I'd been "awarded".  It's my first, and I'm tickled pink!  Many thanks to my friend, The Blogger Formerly Known As ... we call her "Mask" because TBFKA just sounds so ... generic ... which is the idea I realize, but well, we have to call her something and she's much too nice for it to be 'yo beeatch'.  So Mask it is.  You really should check out her blog, it's comfortable and funny ... and she has cookies.  And since I don't seem to be able to make her button link you can use this link 

This is an award that's meant to be shared with others you feel are deserving so I have the honor of presenting it to:

Laura at ForestWalkArt

Just Plain Tired at justplaintiredof and

Max at It's the Journey

Who all do indeed, have lovely blogs and all of which I hope will be as pleased to receive it as I was.

Now all I have to do is wrap my technically challenged brain around adding gadgets to my page ... wish me luck, I'll need it.


  1. Congratulations on your award :-) and good luck with the 'to-be-determined' date!


  2. Yes congrats on the award!

    I remember this guy I dated who thought it was so absolutely weird that I said hello/good whateverpartofthedayitis to strangers as they walked by.

    Needless to say, that didn't last long. Found out he had been to jail a few times and was proud of it. We call this a RED FLAG.

  3. I haven't dated in years, wouldn't even know what to expect any more. Congrats on the award! I'm honored you bestowed this upon me as well. My very first blog award! I feel like going all "Sally Field" here and start thanking everyone in my life. Thank YOU very much. :))

  4. Well, ah'll be. You make me blush! But seriously, thanks, I'm honored that you like my blog enough to count me in on the award.
    And, of course, congrats on receiving the award in the first place. From the little time I have been acquainted with your blog I'm not surprised you got it.
    And finally, that picture of of the leaf is awesome! The blues, the golds, the leaves & the water make for a great composition.
    Again, thanks for the recognition.

  5. Thank Y'all very much.

    @ckrets - yeah man, red flag! The can be understandable reasons for jail but PROUD of it? nuh uh ... next! lol

    @JPT - I had that very same Sally Fields moment myself. But you are a wonderful storyteller and I quite enjoy your blog and thus deserve the award.

    Dating is pretty rare for me these days too. What I have found is it's best not to have to many expectations, it seems there is no rules or guidelines anymore.

    @ Max - you too, tell a fine story (love that story blog too)and are well worthy of recognition. The Leaf is my attempt to portray 'fall', which has always been my favorite season, in a place that has very little seasonal color.

  6. So that was you that caused the spike in the stats for my story blog. I didn't realize anyone even knew it was there, guess now I'll have to try to post there more often. Thanks again for the compliments on my writing. On many occasions I've had students correct something I've written, and my response always is "Well, that's why I teach Math, not English." So to get favorable reviews on my writing it, well, awesome.