Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tuesday we had to have some pine trees removed that had grown too big and were threatening the house.  Sadly, the pretty little Chokecherry above was a casualty.  She was just growing too close to those bad boys to escape unscathed.  I’m going to miss her.  I think the squirrels that played and feasted on the cherries will too.

I have a thing for trees, there are some I even call friend, but had resigned myself to the loss of the pines. It’s hurricane season and I could understand Sis’s need to protect her new investment.  Another thing that made it bearable is that they draw those giant flying cockroaches the natives call Palmetto Bugs.  And too, the squirrels here have a bad attitude and would eat the new pine cones then sit up in the branches and throw the cores at you!

The tree service guys were impressive.  That’s a hot and dangerous job and they were working in a very tight area.  They got 4 big pines and the clean up all done in one day, stumps and all, and nary a branch hit the house.  So all in all I’d have to call it a good day.

The last couple of days my computer’s been on strike with a mysterious ailment that thankfully seems to have righted itself today.  So maybe I can get back on track here.

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  1. ooooooh....i like that chokecherry...too bad it was lost! i can relate to that though...we have soooo many trees all around us...alot of TALL...SKINNY pines that have fallen over from rain & wind...we've had to cut a few down on our own...and had to have a couple of (professional) tree cutters come out to cut down a couple of BIGGER trees that were a little too close for the house! :) laura