Sunday, August 29, 2010

How I spent my Florida vacation

Silver Springs is located in Ocala, FL, at the headwaters of the Silver River.  The river is registered as a Natural Landmark.  There are 7 major spring formations pumping 550 million gallons of water a day. Their crystal clear waters have beckoned tourists since the late 1870’s when the first glass bottom boat was invented and they started selling boat rides over the springs.

The glass bottom boat rides are very cool, as are the wildlife river cruises.
I didn’t get to see all they had to offer as it was very, very hot and the walking really got to all of us.  They have a reasonably priced admission, as tourist attractions go (about $30 as opposed to $80 at Universal Studios, and they had a buy one get one free coupon we could download from their website).

My only real gripe is probably true of almost all tourist attractions (and movie theaters).  They won’t let you bring food or drinks in, and then skewer you for the cost of them inside.  3 DOLLARS for a bottled soda or water!  I was so shocked I had to document it.

I tried to get photos through the glass bottom of the boats but they didn’t turn out well at all.  I did get some pictures of some of the wildlife and not so wild life, an a couple of exhibits though.

 And for the Grand Finale I just found these guys comical

And finally this guy was just too cool ...   Wheeee!


  1. oh WOW!!!! GREAT shots!!!!!!!!!! what kind of eggs are those? and the turtle!! love it!! and the giraffe...HA!!

    yeah, Silver Springs is a pretty cool place...i esp like the glass bottom boat ride too! and you're right...the admission is way more reasonable than many of the other 'attractions' around!

    thanks for your vacation experience! love it!! :]

  2. Hi Laura,

    Thanks for stopping by. Those would be Emu eggs, there was supposed to be a Emu picture in there too, but I seem to have forgotten to insert that one. Oh well, next up is Universal.