Friday, August 27, 2010

Home again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

I’m baaack … and I have to say, there’s no place like home LOL.  Okay,  okay, cliché movie quotes aside, it really is good to be back home.  While sitting on the side of the highway yesterday, in the heat, with a busted water pump I wished I could click my heels three times and be home let me tell you.  Whew, it was hot! And though there was no knight in shining armor that came to the rescue of the damsels in distress (sigh … mores the pity) we were able to hire help and got fixed and back on the road (with empty pockets) in about 3 hours.  Not too shabby for a crises of those proportions.  The boys at Ray Marr’s didn't take advantage of us, we just didn’t have a lot left after vacation and they got all of it but 20 bucks that we needed for gas.

Although the road trip down was uneventful, this vacation started out with a bang  just a couple hours after our arrival.  Mom and Dad had dinner waiting on us, so we ate and caught up on the news then went out to the yard to continue visiting.  My cellphone started ringing.  I dug it out of my pocket but I didn’t recognize the number so I ignored it.  Less than 5 minutes later it rang again and since the caller was persistent I figured I’d better answer.


“Hello, this is the Lake County Sheriff’s Department.  You called 911?”

“um … Excuse me!?  No ma’am, I did not.”
“ We received a call from this cell phone at 19:30 hours.  No one spoke to us but we could here voices talking.  Is everything okay?”

“Yes ma’am, everything’s fine but this is MY cell phone and no one has had access to it, it’s been right here in my pocke … oh nooo!  I had my phone in my pocket, it must have gotten scrunched during dinner and dialed itself.  I’m so sorry, I had no idea, that’s never happened to me before”

She didn’t give me a hard time but did want to know my location.  It probably didn’t make her happy when I explained I had just arrived from out of town and I was at my parents and wasn’t sure of the exact address but would let my father tell her.  I know for a fact it didn’t make HIM happy LOL.   Especially when a few minutes later an officer showed up to check it out and I had to explain to him that my butt dialed 911.

Actually it didn’t.  I checked the recent calls and what my butt dialed was 08 and it seems that, in Lake county at least, 8 is the default speed dial for 911.  ARRGH … did I mention that I hate cell phones, and dealing with cops.  The officer was pleasant enough about it though, and the only hard time I got was from my father who kept harping on me all week about how they could fine me for that ya know and blah, blah, blah.  Dad has a Virgo sun and is as anal a Virgo as ever was.  He doesn’t even understand the meaning of laid back … or lay off for Pete’s sake! LOL

Used to be that when I would go to my parent's house, my Mom and my brothers would make bets on how many minutes it would be until me and my Dad got into it.  These days we have a few states buffer in between us and because we don't see each other often we can usually make it about 3 days before the gloves come off.  This trip was no exception ... twice.  Although I AM getting better.  The first time I got madder than hell, but didn't explode back at him.  Just kept to my self until I composed myself, then went to my brother's house the next day.  Came back and made it three more days before I lost it when he started telling me what I think.  Some day I may figure out how to not let him get to me, but not yet I'm afraid.

More to come; part two gets better … I promise

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