Monday, August 2, 2010

Food … mmmmmm

When people ask me what kind of food I like, it’s never enough to just tell them all kinds.  They make me go through the entire list.  I like Mexican food, Chinese food, Italian food, Greek food, Polish food, American food, fast food … hell I just like to eat, okay?  But while I like all kinds of food, I love really good, fresh food, and can be a bit of a snob about it.  It’s always hard for me to choose a place to eat out because most restaurants have decent food, but it’s pretty generic.

I have no blood relatives here in South Carolina, my family is in Florida now, but I have been ‘adopted’ by an ex’s family. Jiminy Cricket and I never made it to the altar, but we were together for almost 3 years.  When we split up I had no where to go. His sisters and his mother told me that they didn’t care what he said, I was family and Sis said I could come live at her house. Mommo is like my surrogate mother here and lives with us now. She is as in love with food as I am.

Mommo took me out to lunch today to O’Charley’s.  OMG … Best. Food. EVER!  I can’t wait to go back and try the potato soup, and the prime rib pasta, and the spinach dip, oh, and everything else there was a picture of on the menu.  We had the Prime Rib Philly and it was just incredible.  My mouth thought I’d died and went to heaven.  And the look on Mommo’s face when she took that first bite reminded of that scene in When Harry met Sally. If I didn’t already have my sandwich, I’d have found the waitress and said “I want some of whatever she’s having”.  Oh yes, it was that good.


  1. hey there...mustang sally...laura/forestwalkart here! u left a message at my blog...and i came to check yours out! i read all 3 posts...i like! i follow! =) and yeah, i agree with you...looks like we have some common 'stuff'! i find writing therapeutic too...which at a few times in my life, has gotten me into a little trouble...well, not really trouble cause i was just saying what was on my mind...being i tend to keep things inside until i can't take it anymore...and then it's easier for me to express myself through words on paper than out of my mouth! >>i have had 'relationship' problems all my life...i have a hard time 'letting myself' get close to people. i'm quiet...silly...don't like to be the center of attention...(even though i'm a leo...and 'supposed' to like that. well, i know...there's more to astrology than just 'what sign are you...ok, you're personality is THIS') anyway, i'm rambling...i look forward to hearing more =)...laura

  2. hi Laura
    So glad you made it. Sorry it took me so long to reply but the computer has been tempermental. I too, find it easier to express myself on paper.

    Sounds like your moon and/or rising sign is in a good solid earth sign to me. I have Leo rising, so I like to show off occasionally LOL