Sunday, August 15, 2010

Charleston Summer and Other Ramblings

I like to think of myself as a photographer, and as such I probably shouldn’t tell you that this is currently one of my favorite shots that I’ve ever taken.  I’m aware of the many things that are technically wrong with this photo, but the artist in me loves the colors and ambiance … the very real feeling of Summertime here in Charleston that this gives me.  Bright light and shadows, Live Oak and Spanish Moss, and maybe it’s the muted grays and greens of the background but I can actually feel the cloying humidity in the air.

Thursday night me, Mommo, Sis, and Sis’s daughter Chicken Little (home from college on her last week of summer break) took some blankets outside and spread them in the yard to lie down and watch the meteor shower.  We talked, wished on falling stars, listened to cicadas and owls, and just generally soaked in nature.  It was a nice slow down from an otherwise busy week.

In other news I finally heard from the Crazy Cat Faerie the other night.  He and my Find It had come on some hard times … actually hard times had turned into excruciatingly hard times … and I had no way to contact them while they had no jobs, home, car, phone or internet access, all of which are corrected now, however scarcely, and things are looking up.  They are dear friends and I’d been worried silly.

They have upwards of 5-6 cats, a couple of ferrets and a bird or two.  Yeah, yeah, I can hear the tsk, tsks.  If they can’t afford to take care of themselves ... blah, blah.  I know, but before you judge please take into consideration how fast you can slide into the abyss in this economy and know that it wasn’t always this way.  This is what happens when rescuers need rescuing.

Tuesday morning Mommo and I are headed to Florida for a week or so to visit my folks and check out the new Harry Potter world at Universal Studios.  I don’t know if I’ll get back here to post before I leave or not because I haven’t begun to pack yet *hangs head and shuffles feet*.  What can I say, I am a Taurus.  I HAVE to procrastinate … it’s in the rules!

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  1. Sally...have a fun and fantastic trip!! Take in a Quidditch match for me while you are there! =)