Thursday, May 12, 2011

Well look at what the Cat dragged in!

My head is going round in circles right now, much like my belly.  My beloved Moppet is under the knife as I write this.  She lost an argument with a cat and it's costing her an eye.  I found a job and was actually kind of enjoying it, but lost it already.  Still reeling after that one.  Shocked?  Hell yeah!  How do you get fired from a gas station for not being good (fast) enough?  How sad is that?  I KNOW!!!

Yes, I know that isn't the way to look at it, but I'm insulted.  No, I don't believe that is the real reason.  I may not be as quick as those that have been there for a while, I have to look at the price tags because I don't know what everything costs yet, but I'm not THAT slow.  If I were, don't you think they would have said SOMETHING about it before saying "You're a good worker and all but we have to let you go"?  But I don't have a clue as to what other reason they may have had.  So here I sit, jobless once again.  And I had just started to get my shit together, was finally starting to believe and make plans.

The Vet just called.  Moppet made it through the surgery just fine.  She's not awake yet though, so I can't go pick her up yet.  They shaved her face for the surgery and wanted permission to shave her feet too while she's still under because they're pretty matted up.  I was like yes PLEASE.  Moppet is paranoid about anyone (even me) touching her face and feet (hence the mattes)  She won't hold still enough for me to cut them out myself.

Oh, and I didn't have to move after all.  I'm still with Sis and Mommo.  Chicken Little decided to stay at her Aunt's after graduation (where she's been staying all along when she was home from school, even when we were still at the other house and her bedroom at home was empty).


  1. I can’t tell you how good it is to see you back, Sally!!!

    Sorry about the job. That sucks!

    Hope Moppet likes her new haircut :)

    Great to read you again!

  2. so good to see you on my blogroll!

    sorry for moppet...tUcKeR wants to know if she will be wearing a cool eye patch...(he really loves the pirates of the Caribbean movies and thinks mebbe you named moppet after seeing those movies)

    he also thinks capes are cool, but he is still young...

    bummer on the job are too good to let that sh*t get you down...

    i would like to find a job, but i am so limited on what i can do physically, that it will be tough! whatever...

    glad to hear from you!

    you are in my thoughts..

    * sending good mojo your way

  3. Dearest Sally,
    I am happy about Moppet, she needs you as you need her. I am so sorry about the job, and I know there a lots of things we can all say, but I know they will not help you too much. It is sad and maddening, but keep your confidence up! I got fired once because my cash drawer was short. They said I stole the money. I did not, but I had a supervisor work my register because I had some stomach problems that day. A few months later she was arrested for stealing and shoplifting! Ha, do you think they called me back. NO...
    Just keep open and keep looking. I will think good thoughts for you. Keep writing...

    Blessings to you and pup! J.

  4. Goodness, y'all are quick! And here I didn't think anyone would notice my return if I just snuck in the backdoor ;)

    (((Mask))) I've missed you. I saw where you just returned recently too. I've been reading hit and miss but just couldn't find anything to say about much of anything. Maybe I needed that quick stint of working with the public again to find my tongue but yeah, it's good to be home.

    (((Bruce))) Yes, I am BACK. And how cool is it that within minutes of returning my two favoritist bloggers are commenting huh??? Tell Tucker I'll have to look into the eye patch thing, pirates are very cool. No, actually I've never seen any of the Pirates of the Caribbean Movies. He's to young to remember the first Battlestar Galactica series but that's where the name came from. But he should understand that Moppet is an assumed name ... just like Sally.

    And I'm trying not to let the job shit get to me, I'm just insulted beyond belief. Ah well, this too will pass.

  5. Julie Thanks for stopping by.

    Yeah! Isn't just the pits how they always ASSUME supervisors and managers can count better than you?

  6. I am SOOOOOO glad to hear from you. Was wondering how you were doing. Sorry about Moppet. Thank goodness he's ok though. And the job, well I so know how you feel. Took me 5 months to find one when I moved to SC and 5 months later my position was eliminated. You'll land on your feet though!!!! Hugs!

  7. Sorry to hear Moppet will be losing an eye. As with Bruce, I'm wondering if she will get a cool eyepatch as well! Bedazzle it.
    Hope you find a way better job that is happy with you being a good worker.

  8. Hi Barb ... yes, the job situation here sucks big time. I got that just because I knew somebody (obviously not somebody important in their scheme of things, but someone none the less)and had excellent references (and yes, one was even for the same kind of job ... slow my ass!)

    It's their loss. If they don't appreciate 'do a good job' then THEY are not good enough for ME!

    Crickets!!! Good to see you honey. I'm definitely going to have to check on it. Moppet could rock an eye patch studded with rhinestones maybe, ya think?

  9. Ah well, of course it's back now that I made another post ... but it still swallowed my COMMENTS.

    No matter.

    Mask, Bruce, Julie, Barb and Crickets "I" know you were here and love y'all to pieces.

  10. Wouldn't have missed you for the world!!! Hugs.

  11. Absolutely we were here, and love you to pieces too.

    Blogger/Blogspot have stolen some of my comments too (honestly, the cheek of it!), but they claim they’re going to restore all missing posts and comments soon.

    It’s all the result of scheduled maintenance. Where would we without technology I ask myself?

  12. Glad you're back!
    Poor Moppet - I hope she's doing well now.

    I hope this doesn't sound too corny, but "Every exit is an entry somewhere else." (Tom Stoppard)

    We missed you :)

  13. Hi Alexia, no, not corny, I believe that. I've missed y'all too, although I do admit to some lurking. Just couldn't find anything to say.