Monday, May 23, 2011

Sister Crow

I call you Sister without knowing why
'tho you are a creature of the sky
with beak and feathers black as night
it's just that it somehow feels right
to honor the connection I feel to you ... Sister Crow
Guardian of both the Sacred Law and of Magick

Some see you as the bearer of bad news
some know it's time to pay their dues
some say you are clever
some say you are wise
some say when you show up
that someone dies
throughout time
you have been many things to many people

Messenger of the Ancient Ones
you warn of changes yet to come
and teach us if we talk the talk
we'd better be able to walk the walk
and when we are true to our ethics
you will unravel the mysteries of time

One wing in the light and one in the dark
you know the secrets in our hearts
the part of ourselves we'd like to hide
the part known as our shadow side
Give me the courage to embrace my shadow
and seek my inner wisdom


  1. Such a thought provoking poem and one that I enjoyed. You truly have a gift!

  2. I love this! You do have a gift as Brenda mentioned. Are you published anywhere? If not you most certainly should be!

    Enjoy your week!

  3. So beautifully written! I agree with the others about your true gift.

  4. how lovely ..i been reading all about ravens lately. I'm drawn to Ravens and Crows...wonder what that says about me lol

  5. accepting and embracing your shadow is an important thing indeed.

    Very impressive writing.

  6. Well written MS. I love the name "Sister Crow".

  7. Thank you all, for stopping by and commenting.

    @ Twain ... that you like shiney things? lol I have some info saved up if you'd like me to send it to you.

  8. sure, would love to read about it. Thank You

  9. thank you for the reading material ♥ was going to send you a reply but don't know what happen to your e-mail. I have the articles saved though:)

  10. You're welcome and no worries. You can get my e-mail through my profile if you ever need it