Friday, May 13, 2011

Returning with a BANG

My return yesterday apparently came as such a surprise to Blogger that it's poor little head exploded!  Yep, my fault ... I broke Blogger.  Can you believe it?  I mean who'd have thunk that really?  To top it all off, I guess Blogger was so exited about it that it SWALLOWED MY POST!

just  *POOF*  gone

no evidence I was even here ...

except for the fact that I have witnesses!

That's right, I had COMMENTS on the now invisible post that was titled "Well look what the cat dragged in".  Cyber hugs to Mask and Bruce,  my two favoritest bloggers in the whole cyber world who were Johnny on the spot with the welcome backs and commenting within minutes of my first blog post in months.  Followed closely by Julie, Barb and Crickets ... wow, I just can't tell y'all how good it made me feel that I wasn't forgotten while I was on my Pout of Ages and I thank you all for your support.

By normal standards it's NOW I should be pouting I suppose considering what the universe is throwing at me, but I rarely conform to normal standards.  Just when I started getting my shit back together, was beginning to make plans and believe again the universe once again dumped a load of crap over my head that smells as if it must have been sitting in a porta potty out in the hot sun for a few days.

I had a new job, just a gas station/convenient store but it was a paycheck.  I'm not unfamiliar with this type of work but it had been awhile.  Things were going along swimmingly, or so I thought.  I've been working overtime, getting bonus's, getting along well with everyone ... hell, I hadn't even had a case of 'stupid pisses me off' yet and I work with the general public

Got the dog into the vets for her shots and all finally, started with the car repairs (got the bodywork done from when the nephew crashed it) and lining up tires and the electrical stuff that needs to be fixed in order of priority, starting with the windshield wipers that stay on all the time (while the cars running) until I take the fuse out (which means if it starts raining I have to pull over and practically stand on my head in said rain, just to put the fuse in so I have wipers) and power windows that don't go down and A/C that only blows out through the defroster for some reason.  Later I would get the the non-working convertible top.  Baby steps.

I had Sunday and Monday off this week and was supposed to go in at 2 on Tuesday.  About 11:30 my manager calls to tell me that I'm a good worker and all, but they're going to have to let me go because  I'm just not fast enough on the cash register.  Oh really?  This is almost two months down the road and the first I've heard about it?  And the first thing I hear about it is you're FIRED?  Now granted, I am a little slower than those that have been there for some time,  they know what most the merchandise costs while I have to look at the price tags (we don't have scanners).  But it's not THAT big a difference really.

I was blindsided by this for real.  Never EVEN saw it coming.  I thought I'd found a real nice place to work for a gas station.  The more the shock wore off the more insulted I became.  I mean c'mon, how sorry do you have to be to be told you're not good enough to work at a gas station?  Not ... you did this wrong, your drawer was short, you're rude to people ... but just. not. good. enough?  GRRRR  ... yeah, so I needed a break.

I went to visit my friends The Crazy Cat Fairy and My Find It.  I've mentioned them before, when I first heard from them when they came back across country and had been out of touch for a while.  Well recently they moved back within visiting distance and I was going to see them as soon as I got the car in order again.  They're about an hour and a half away, it didn't look like rain and I thought I'd just take my chances with the tires (yeah, yeah I know, but it seemed reasonable at the time).  Yes, of course one of the tires blew on the trip home.  Funny thing about it was it was the only tire that I wasn't worried about, the only one with any real tread on it.  Go figure.

One of their cats took exception to Moppet walking by her ( I mean the NERVE, really)  Moppet lost that argument and it cost her an eye.  The surgery went well.  She's very groggy yet even today but I'm told that's just the anesthesia and she'll perk up more over the weekend.  Tucker and Cricketts had asked about an eye patch ... it's possible.  Pirates are way cool and I think she would ROCK a rhinestone studded patch, but the Crazy Cat Fairy made the point that a little hat with a veil might be more her style.  She IS very prim and proper (except when she's not and oh yes, I have the blackmail pictures to prove it).  Although to be quite honest, once her hair grows back I don't think anyone will even notice.  The way her hair flips over her eyes you really can't see them most of the time.

I love our vet.  The office called this morning to see how she was doing.  The doctor called this afternoon just to be sure everything was still okay.  She's going to be on pain killers for a while and anti-biotics for longer still, but she's going to be just fine. 

And me?  Well I've decided that if said 'gas station' has no appreciation for 'being a good worker and all'  that THEY are not good enough for ME.  It's their loss.  There are LOTS of gas stations.  I'll find something better ... and that one shouldn't be too hard to beat.  My appetite will be returning any day now ... a person's got to eat.   


  1. So glad to see you back! Girl! You sure did take down Blogger! hahaha I was getting the shakes not being able to post! I'm sorry about your job. I hope you find something else soon!

  2. Welcome back! Was wondering where you were hiding. Stop messing with Blogger, though! I was going thru withdrawal yesterday and had to resort to writing my poetry on PAPER!!!

  3. Yvonne: Thank you. It's good to be back. I'm sure the job thing will sort itself out ... eventually.

    Lolamouse: Thanks. Under a rock. Didn't help though, shit still found me. Paper? OH the HORRORS!

  4. Ha, well I see your point now. I wonder which one of us actually broke blogger! LOL

    Despite all the smelly poop, you sound good to me! Hang in there, good things are coming...

    Thanks for visiting my new blog. J.

  5. Glad to see you back, and it was worth the day or two of my blogger withdrawals! Sorry about the job, I just got "laid off" from a gas station job too. I only worked there two days a week, and they had to cut back on payroll, so poof! But like you say, there are other gas station jobs out there, although this one was only two blocks from my house. Good luck, and good luck to Moppet too! I really like the idea of the eye patch, all you'll need is a parrot to ride on her shoulder.

  6. Well at least I now know who to blame for breaking Blogger - frankly I'm impressed that you are brave enough to own up to it.

    Please post me four million pounds by way of compensation by Tuesday or I shall be forced to stop following you...

    Sorry you got fired. next time make up the prices as you go - it's quicker

  7. So glad to see you back Mustang Sally! That really sucks about your job but I have a feeling that your the type of person who will land back on her feet with an even better job to boot.

    I'm a new "official" follower only because of the fact that I went and set up a blog while you were away.