Monday, December 6, 2010



 Like a leaf
floating along on an afternoon breeze
or a ship
adrift on an open sea

Nothing to hold me ...
No one to claim me

Not quite lost
but without a map or compass
I have no destination
and there's no place I belong

Now you see me, now you don't
fading into the shadows
like a dream upon awakening
Is it real, or is it Memorex

The sound of the never ending goodbye
that is the soundtrack of my life
Cues up once again
and falls on deaf ears


  1. Well that makes me a little sad, particularly since I can relate. Poignant, not bitter.

    I'll have to come by again.


  2. Nice poem. I ventured over here because Barb mentioned the nice thing you did for her. Think I'll stay for awhile.

  3. Thank y'all very much, and welcome to Pearl and Mrs. Hyde.

    I don't generally write a lot of poetry, just when the mood strikes ... that's usually when I'm feeling something intensely and need an avenue to express it.

    I wrote this after being told as of April, I'll be needing a new place to live. I'd have done this on my own anyway, because of the circumstances bringing it about. Not being given the chance to do it on my own did make me sad, though I'm not bitter about it. It's not going to be easy but it's time.

    It did rather blow a big hole in my holiday spirit however. Someday, maybe, I'll find a place where I belong, but for now I'll just drift wherever the wind takes me.

  4. Beautiful! And, after reading the inspiration behind your words- a bit heart wrenching. I know that you will be ok and that you will find a place where you belong.

  5. I can clap or poetry snap for you after this one, but either way I really enjoyed reading this. I'm ususally a little iffy on the blogger poetry that you can find out there, but this, I immensely liked.

    visions unto myself

  6. Wow, lovely. How do you get such great pictures?

  7. This is quite lovely..

    the picture along with your words paint a picture so many can relate too. i once wrote of feeling like a tired dragonfly, just hovering...

    this is really well done!!!

  8. WOW, that is impressive, how did you capture that?

    The line "Is it live or is it Memorex" made me chuckle. Another term that the children of today will never understand.

  9. You all are awesome, you know that?

    I knew I had found the words that "fit the feel" when almost no mention was made of that photo. And I'm quite proud of that shot.

    For Mr. Gearhead and Mrs. Midnight ... I got lucky!

    I was experimenting when I first got the camera I now have, trying to get a feel for what it could do. I had it on the "motion" setting and all auto. It was a sunny but slightly cloudy day. And this dragonfly joined me on my walk out on the dyke, dancing around me, posing over and over.

    It took anywhere from 20 to 50 shots to get this one. All in all, I consider it an afternoon well spent.

  10. VERY VERY coool!!! love it!! picture AND words!!! wonderful!!!!! wow!!