Monday, June 27, 2011

Blogging made Simple

Oscar Wilde said "The truth is rarely pure and never simple", but Oscar Wilde was never a Simpleton.  Why have I capitalized that S as if that were a proper name?  Well, if you have to ask that question we need to stop right here.  Before we go a step further let me introduce you to Simple Dude in a Complex World the blog of none other than The Simple Dude whose followers are lovingly called Simpletons.

Click the button to visit The Simple Dude

If you haven't found it yet, you've either been sleeping or are fairly new to the blogging world here at blogger and you'll want to remedy that situation pronto.  You might find anything there from bomb proof toilets to Wiener's wiener with just the right amount of snark for flavoring.  AND you might want to hurry.  He's coming up on his 5000th comment right quick and the lucky commenter that hits that milestone will get an $50 Amazon gift card.

Yep, I said FIVE THOUSAND comments!  He has just over 2000 followers and he hasn't even been doing this a whole year yet.  What's his secret?  Well he's written an eBook to tell us that very thing.  It's called ...

Just $1.99 click on the book cover to get your own copy at Amazon

Well written, SIMPLE instructions explaining just how The Simple Dude went from 0 to mildly famous in just 10 months.  Filled with tips on what to do, what not to do, and interesting links to check out for further information.   And for all that it's a "how to" book ... it's not even boring!  He's got game, and his blog writing style doesn't get lost in the translation.

Not everyone is as talented a writer as he is to be sure, but I can guarantee that if you follow the advice in this book you CAN grow your blog.  I've seen every tip he writes about in action and they DO get results.

There was only one small, teensy weenie incidental that I disagreed with in the whole book.  Well, in general I don't actually disagree.  It was just that I took it as a challenge because I'm just weird that way ;)  What was that?  Okay, I don't see this as being a spoiler, so I guess I can tell you.

You see, about content ... he made mention that NOBODY wants to hear about what kind of dog food you bought that week.  And to be honest ... he's right ... BUT ... I think I could write and entire POST about that, in my twisted way, and it would not only be interesting enough to keep you reading until the end, but make you laugh too.  Because my dog is funny when she's not sick (which she is again now, sigh).   When I'm feeling up to it I might just accept that challenge.

If you're at all interested in growing your blog ... this is the book for you.

I've been quiet lately and a big part of the reason for that is that I've been very worried about Moppet.  She recovered well enough from the eye injury and I don't think that's the problem.  She was doing better than ever, all bouncy and lively.  Then she got sick last week.  Spent a whole day barfing.  Now she's just very weak and refusing to eat anything, but doesn't seem to be in any pain.  She seems to be a little better today, moving around a little bit on her own and I did just get her to take a couple of bites of cube steak.

She's old, I don't know how old exactly because I found her in a parking lot.  Vet said that they don't usually get that film in their eyes until after they 10 years old.  She had that when I found her and that was about 4 years ago.  I know she's not going to live forever, but it's hard when you have to realize that the end may be sooner rather than later.

I'm not bailing, I've not retreated to my rock.  I just wanted y'all to know why I'm not finding much to say.  Even comments can be hard to write when my mind is elsewhere.

About the graphic:  I couldn't believe Bryan and Brandon at A Beer in the Shower do their awesome cartoons in PAINT!  I had played with it briefly before, but couldn't manage much more than scribbles.  But their talented creations inspired me to try again.  I can't for the life of me figure out how they get such clean lines drawing with a mouse, but I wasn't too unhappy with this one.

UPDATE She ATE for me today, and was much more "here" while she was awake.  Sleeping now but that's okay.  I think she might make it after all.  >Happy dance!<


  1. Sending good thoughts Moppet's way. As for Paint, I've heard there is a pen and tablet you can purchase that makes the drawing much easier. Lord help us if it is sold at that horrible store Walmart...

  2. Thanks Empress, she can use all the good energy she can get at this point. Couple of days ago I didn't think she was going to make it. She's still hanging in there though. And teensy bits better daily. So maybe I won't have to face that yet. She really doesn't seem to be hurting. I'd be going nuts if I thought she was.

    Interesting about the pen and tablet. Not doable at the moment, but interesting none the less. Makes me feel slightly less incompetent ;) Horrors! There HAS to be somewhere else that would sell it wouldn't there?

  3. I read his book tonight and loved it. I think new bloggers will get a lot out of it, even some of the more long standing ones too.
    I love your pic. I cant use paint except to perhaps write something on a photo.
    I use my ipad now with a pile of drawing apps if I want to try to draw something.

  4. Aww, poor Moppet. I hope that she is feeling better soon. Just like human babies, it is so awful when our pets are sick. I feel that if they could just tell me what is hurting them, I would be able to fix.

    I love the illustration you did. When the opportunity arises, I highly recommend getting a Wacom tablet and pen. I use it for my illustrations.

    Thank you also for the link to the blog and the book. Definitely worth checking out.
    Best wishes to you and Moppet.

  5. Wait, you drew that yourself in Paint? That is a very good drawing... well, unless Moppet is a German Sheppard. Then maybe not so much!

    I've gone through the pet getting sick thing before and it's not easy. Hang in there Moppet!

    And thanks for the awesome review!! And you're right, you probably could make a story about buying dog food interesting!

    On a side note.. I have a Mustang and I have called it Sally since the day I bought it 10 years ago.

    The Simple Dude

  6. Moppet looks great in Paint! Much better than the dog I drew before, anyway (in all fairness, he was on fire at the time).

    You should keep doing these. They look awesome.

    Oh, and I want my blog to grow. Simple Dude, here I come.

  7. Mustang I wish all the best for your Moppet. That's mighty kind of you to have taken her in and loved her after finding in a parking lot. What irks me is how people can be so heartless and dump animals off, not all animals are as blessed as Moppet is and find a good loving home.

    I agree 100% that you could write about you Moppet and keep it entertaining. I love your style of writing, it's real and I don't need a dictionary in one hand to read your blog... now that's a turn off. If a person wants to show off their intellectual capabilities... go write a thesis! lol I feel rant coming on, time to head out to the garden and do some weeding, I'm procrastinating but there's nobody here but the cat and two dogs to witness this. ;-) I hope you have as good of a day as you possibly can.

  8. @ Mynx: You know, I've only heard about the remarkable gadget that is the ipad, never seen one close up. Is there anything they can't do?

    @ A Cappelli: That says a lot about that tablet and pen because your illustrations are wonderful. I will check it out when I'm a bit more flush.

    @ Simple Dude: shih tzu

  9. ... grr, dammit. I was interrupted with an errand and hit post by accident instead of refresh, I hate it when I'm a ditz.

    As I was saying, Moppet is a shih tzu (I ALWAYS have to look up the spelling for that). AND I also have a Mustang that I named Sally the day I brought her home. When I started blogging wanting to remain anonymous in my 3d world I borrowed her name.

  10. @ ABftS: That was f'ing hilarious thanks.

    @ darlin: If I could've found out who did it... GRRR ... I'd have probably gone to jail, that's a fact. The condition she was in ... unbelievable. I had to take her home, I couldn't have lived with myself otherwise. I'm not a little dog person generally. I like the big dawgs best because their a lot less fragile, but she's a little treasure really.

    AND I need to update. She's doing better today, she just ATE, yes!

  11. Hope Moppet continues to get better. As for that book, it sounds interesting.

  12. Welcome to Functional Kaos Beach Bum! Moppet and I thank you for the well wishes. And the book really is all that.