Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Goodbye seems to be the hardest word


RIP my friend

So ... that should explain where I've been.  She was doing a bit better, still not eating much but getting around more and even woke up playful Tuesday morning.  Later in the day though she got sick again and went downhill fast, and 24 hours later it was all over.  It's hard to lose your best friend, but harder still to watch them suffer.
 I'm thankful she was spared much of that.

Then Saturday we had a storm that knocked out our internet service.  Lightening struck somewhere close by and knocked the power out for a minute.  Must have fried the modem because the internet would not come back up afterwards.  They're supposed to come late this afternoon to fix it.  I really hope so, I'm missing my bloggie buddies.  

I'll be around to visit soon as we're back up again.


  1. Oh i'm so sorry ..what a sweet face RIP
    Sending my love and hugs ♥

  2. MS: saying "sorry for your loss" just doesn't seem adequate. I've lost a dozen pets in my lifetime, and every single one of them was an emotional crisis. A couple of dogs brought out more raw emotion than even the loss of my parents, and I don't say that to belittle my love for my folks. There's just something different about accepting the fact that an elderly, suffering relative is ready to let go, and watching a healthy, beloved animal die needlessly. I watched a beautiful Lab of mine yelp and go underwater after an arc from an electrical short on an underwater pump hit her, and I almost got electrocuted trying to save her. Wrote about it, and yet it still hurts to this day, and that was twenty years ago.
    Hope you can find some comfort in all the good times you guys shared.

  3. So, so very sorry MS. Good thoughts & lots of hugs to you.

  4. My condolences. Losing a beloved dog is heartwrenching.

  5. I'm truly sorry to hear about your best friend, I can't even imagine how you feel. I've only had my pup for not quite a year and I'd be devastated if anything were to happen to her. RIP Moppet and my condolences sent your way.

    On another note, I hope you get your internet issues resolved soon, you're missed here. Take care and I'm pretty sure I'll still be here when you get back.

  6. Big hugs to you my friend. So sad for your loss of your beautiful Moppet.

  7. I so sorry. My heart is broken for you. We said good bye to our dog, Oscar one year ago. He was so much a part of our family that we all truly felt the heavy emptiness of his passing. He is still feels so much a part of this house. Princess Commando is convinced that his "shadow" occasionally shows up to follow her around. Sending you wishes of peace and comfort.

  8. I'm so sorry Sally. That's so sad but as you said, at least he's not suffering. Hope your internet gets back up to normal soon because we do miss you!

  9. My condolences. I lost my cat of 16 years last year, they do get to be a part of the family, don't they? Just remember the years of happiness and love you gave him and the good life he had because of you.

  10. Sally,
    I am so sorry about Moppett. Her picture is so adorable! Dogs are such loving and giving creatures. I have 2 now and have lost 2 over the years. It's like losing a family member. I'm glad she didn't suffer long. Hugs.

  11. Hi Sally,
    I am so sorry to read about the loss of your beloved pet! :(
    Animals become part of the family and as such, when one dies it is a heart wrenching experience. You gave your beloved Moppet a lovely life and she is now without any pain or hurt. You must remember the good times and smile, To quote from a Cure song "She whispers, please remember me, when I am gone from here, she whispers, please remember me, but not with tears. Remember I was always true, remember I always tried, remember I loved only you, remember me and smile, for it`s better to forget, than remember me and cry."
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  12. Thank you all so very much.

    And John, that is a lovely quote, I'm not familiar with that song but I'm going to find it online. I quite agree with it, but I'm not there yet, but thank you for sharing it.

  13. OOh No...i'm so sorry!! it's a tough time to lose someone...just know she's still with you...and i'm sure you'll know it too!

    although you never want it to end like that...at least she went quickly...

    sending a big hug your way...hang in there...

  14. Sally, I am so sorry, I’ve only just seen this. How terrible for you!

    I’m only just about to get my first ever dog, and I’m dreading having to face the same thing one day :(

    Thinking of you, honey x